Pulled mushrooms with herb salsa

Reading through the entire Modernist Cuisine seems like a never-ending task. It doesn’t help either that I have a serious attention deficit when facing such a tome. So far I have nearly finished the first book and several parts of books 2 to 5. And so when I was browsing the mushroom isle in my local supermarket and saw these wonderful king trumpet mushrooms, page 3:396 suddenly sprang to mind: pulled mushrooms with BBQ sauce. The idea is that you cook the mushrooms, and then pull them apart to create a faux-spaghetti.

I wasn’t so keen on the BBQ sauce, so I tried to make a herb salsa. Tried. The whole thing was just one gigantic failure after another. I took the salsa recipe from Roux’s Sauces book. I left out the whole-grain mustard because I didn’t have any, so I tried to make my own with mustard seeds, and get this, sherry. Not sherry vinegar, like the recipe asked for, no, sherry itself. Epic failure number one, as the sherry taste was enormously overpowering. I was in a stubborn mood however, so I decided to go on, figuring it would somehow balance itself out in the end. Yeah, right. I forgot the other stupid ideas I put into the salsa, but the whole thing ended up tasting like sherry and potato. So it was a sherry-potato salsa with herbs in it just for show. Needless to say, I’m not giving any recipe for the salsa.

The mushrooms, then? They were awesome!

Pulled Mushrooms

Vacuum pack halved king trumpet mushrooms with olive or other oil and cook for 4 hours at 90°C. Afterwards, take out the mushrooms, pat dry with kitchen paper, and pull apart in strands. Serve with something better than my salsa.