In De Wulf (Dranouter, BE)

Another year, another birthday, and a perfect excuse to go for a fancy dinner. This year we chose to go to “In De Wulf”, situated in the far west of Belgium (and in the middle of nowhere as well); our choice motivated by the critical acclaim they have received over the last years, as well as all the positive blog posts dedicated to their food. So naturally, I wanted to like it. I really did.

If you are a fan, you can safely stop reading and here before you’re reaching for that pitchfork to storm our house. Because we didn’t like it. The service was so-so. The wines were below par. The food was not consistent, and to be honest I was glad I filled up on bread since every course was bite-sized. (As a disclaimer I should add that this is my own view and you should not be deterred from checking it out yourself; after all, tastes differ.)

And before I make myself even more unpopular among the Belgian readers, I’ll just leave it at that and say no more. I promise the next post will be a lot more cheerful, especially since my copy of Bouchon Bakery just arrived.

The end of summer, and my birthday.

I have neglected this blog long enough now. I just needed a little break from blogging to come up with some inspiration. That, and my birthday, which for the first time made a severe dent in my otherwise cheerful take on life.

What really hit me this time was that I’m 27 now and I still don’t know exactly what I want to do with my life. A couple of years ago I was sure I would end up in some big investment bank or hedge fund, work my ass off for a while and rake in a nice salary in the meantime. Yet now that I’m older I’m really enjoying other parts of life as well, and giving my life to my work just doesn’t seem so appealing anymore. On the other hand, I’m currently doing a temporary job which I know is going to end withing two years. I think my birthday weighed down on me by making me feel ‘stuck’ in life.

It’s almost a month later now, and I’m largely past the proverbial wall. I’m enjoying life more now instead of worrying about what’s going to happen later. I’m following a bread-baking course (bread dough has always been sort of my nemesis), taking tons of pictures everywhere (the ones in this post have been taken at koffie Onan┬áduring a rainy Saturday afternoon) and coming up with menus for our November dinner parties. I’ll be commenting on those over the coming weeks!