Abolishing old eating habits (Roasted quinoa with white chocolate cream)

Old habits die hard.

As a kid, I used to terrorize my mom with all my crazy ideas about what constitutes a good meal. I would not touch anything that was covered in sauce, because in my mind a sauce was the perfect way to hide something nasty. While other kids went nuts for McDonald’s, I was disgusted by minced meat (again, why would you need to mince it if it was fine to begin with) and all condiments such as mayonnaise and ketchup. Put a drop of mayonnaise on something, and I would have rather starved than eaten it. I wouldn’t even touch the rest of the food, because somehow in my mind this stuff was like some sort of supergerm, instantly contaminating any edible object in sight.

A lot of these habits haunted me for a long time. I would even say that some of them still haunt me now. Obviously not the sauce one (really, what was I thinking), but as an example I still dislike the texture of mayonnaise. There’s just something in my mind that makes me insanely uncomfortable if I have to eat it. I enjoy it when it’s sufficiently mixed up with other stuff though, just don’t expect me to dip my French fries in it. The same goes for mustard and ketchup. Interestingly, I do enjoy a good Hollandaise.

White sauces are another example. A white sauce, like béchamel, was the pinnacle of food horror when I was younger. I guess it is related to my aversion to cheese, the idea that all those sauces contained some sort of cheese fueled my fear of those white puddles of sheer agony. Even now I’ll still get anxious when I see a white sauce. I almost never make them at home either.

It’s a slow process, but I’m overcoming my irrational fears.

Except for cilantro. That shit tastes like soap.

Roasted quinoa with white chocolate cream

The recipe for this one is really simple. You roast 1 part quinoa in a 180°C oven for 20 minutes. Then you boil it with 2 parts salted water. Let it cool. Mix with some chopped mint.

For the chocolate cream, you melt some white chocolate au bain marie (or, in this case, you can melt it over a low fire directly on the stove). Whip up some cream, and incorporate it into the chocolate. I did this entirely on feel, but I believe I used 25g of chocolate and about 20ml of cream. Just add cream until you get the desired consistency/taste.